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Natural gas to LNG Lesson

Year Level(s)Years 3-6, Years 7-10, Years 11-12
Subject Area(s)Upper Secondary Geology, Upper Secondary Natural Resource Management, Upper Secondary Geography, Geography, Geology, Upper Primary Science, Science, Upper Primary Social Science, Lower Secondary Science, Lower Secondary Social Science, Upper Secondary Applied Science
Topic(s)Energy, Mining, LNG, Natural Gas
Resource TypeResource Types, Lessons
Publish Date19th Nov 2014

This lesson uses the Natural gas to LNG Process interactive to illustrate the processes involved in the production of Liquefied Natural gas for export from PNG. LNG is seen as a ‘transitional’ fuel source to be used on the world’s pathway to lessening its greenhouse gas emissions. As the oil industry winds back in PNG, the discovery of offshore natural gas fields is creating a boom LNG industry in PNG.

Educational value statement

  • This lesson is a useful resource for the content description in year 8 and 9 Science, 9.6 Electricity, offering students an illustrated example of LNG as an alternative energy for the production of ‘cleaner’ electricity
  • This resource is also useful for the Year 10 Social Science unit 10.2 Environment Change, Pollution and Solutions. It offers students information on an alternative energy source in PNG
  • This resource is useful for the year 12 Geography unit, 12.1 Resource Use and Management. It provides information on an alternative energy source.
  • This resource is useful for the year 11 Applied Science unit, 11.3 Energy around Us. It provides information on an alternative energy source.


UP Science, LS Science, LS Social Science, US Geography, US Applied Science


For more detailed PNG curriculum links, download the PDF below.

Natural Gas to LNG Lesson

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PNG Curriculum Links - Natural Gas to LNG lesson

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