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Papua New Guinea

Silver Fact Sheet

Year Level(s)Years 7-10, Years 11-12
Subject Area(s)Upper Secondary Geology, Upper Secondary Natural Resource Management, Upper Secondary Geography, Geography, Geology, Science, Upper Secondary Chemistry
Topic(s)Mining, Silver
Resource TypeFact Sheet, Resource Types
Publish Date13th Nov 2014

Silver is a rare precious metal. Silver is used in electronic and electrical components, mirrors, electroplate, batteries, medicine and glassmaking. This fact sheet include information on how silver is formed, mined and processed in PNG, the uses of silver are also discussed.

Educational value statement
This fact sheet is a valuable resource for the following:

  • Yr 11 Natural Resource management unit 11.6 Fisheries Management
  • Yr 12 Geography, unit 12.1 Resource Use and Management
  • Yr 12 Chemistry, unit 12.5 Natural Resources and Chemical Industries in Papua New Guinea
  • Yr 12 Geology, units 12.2 Earth’s resources and 12.3 Exploration and Mining

It provides information on the processes involved in PNG Silver mining and the processing of Silver bearing ore.

US NRM, US Geology, US Geography, US Chemistry

For more detailed PNG curriculum links, download the PDF below.

Silver Fact Sheet - English

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Silver Fact Sheet - Pidgin

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PNG Curriculum Links - Silver

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