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Papua New Guinea

Underground Mining PowerPoint

Year Level(s)Years 7-10, Years 11-12
Subject Area(s)Upper Secondary Geology, Upper Secondary Natural Resource Management, Upper Secondary Geography, Geography, Geology
Topic(s)Underground Mining, Geology, Mining
Resource TypePowerPoint, Resource Types
Publish Date13th Nov 2014

Most of the products we use every day, for example; mobile phones, televisions, computers and cars are made out of valuable minerals and metals found in rocks that were mined from near the earth’s surface. This rock material that contains sufficient valuable minerals and metals and is mined from the ground is called ore. This PowerPoint includes information on the types of hard rock mining, underground safety and underground coal mining.

Educational value statement

This PowerPoint is a valuable resource for the Yr 12 Geography, unit 12.1 Resource Use and Management and also the Yr 12 Geology unit 12.3 Exploration and Mining. It provides information on the processes involved in PNG Hard Rock underground mining ventures.


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For more detailed PNG curriculum links, download the PDF below.

Underground Mining PowerPoint - English

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PNG Curriculum Links - Underground Mining PowerPoint

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